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Creative Play workshops are now available for booking

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Creative Workshops

 Creativity is a wonderful way to let your brain relax, to explore, and to play with ideas and concepts or even just let your inner self have a voice.
ReconnectNZ Creative Studio runs a series of workshops and courses that embodies this philosophy. 




Suz Russell - our resident artist runs our workshops. 

Besides the workshops outlined below Suz is happy to organise workshops for your workplace or any group wanting to "Unleash their Inner Creative". 

Feel free to contact her on 0212255199 or at to book.



This workshop is designed for beginners to experienced creatives. 

Suz will take you through a process to explore and play with a curious mindset.  You will be working with acrylics, pencils, pens, ink and other media to create a mixed media masterpiece. 

Everything you will need for the workshop will be provided.

Come join us in our supportive, fun and encouraging environment.

Workshops will be posted on Facebook.





Suz invites you to come on a journey of discovery and relaxation through creative play.  Creative Mindfulness is a wonderful way to connect with your inner thoughts, create awareness of your environment and your reactions to it.
Next course starts Saturday 27 January 2024, 2pm to 4pm


This is one-on-one guided creative mindful sessions.  
Suz will be your creative guide, is a qualified creative mindfulness practitioner who has developed a programme based on the water cycle and how it can relate to your own life.
It is a series of 7 sessions that will help you to find where you are the happiest and how to reconnect with your passions and inner self.
(Please note - Suz is not a social worker)
More courses and sessions are being developed from guest artists weekends to group play.  If you have an idea for a workshop, course, sessions then please contact Sues to discuss on 0212255199 or at