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ReconnectNZ Creative Studio

4 Bangle with Copper Kina Loop


From the Kina Collection -  4 Sterling silver bangles textured with a copper kina on a sterling silver loop to hold them together.  

A beautiful light bangle set to wear on those warm summer days as a reminder of the beach, holidays and the sense of freedom.

Where the 3 sterling silver bangle set represented body, mind and soul the 4 kina set includes heart as the fourth strand.

The kina (sea urchin) is considered a delicacy to eat to New Zealanders.  These kina have been cast from kinas found washed up on the shores of Leigh (just north of Auckland, Aotearoa - New Zealand) after a storm by a friend of mine.  They remind me of connection, generosity, strength and survival.

4 Bangle with Copper Kina Loop