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We have moved to Dunedin. Further information of our new studio to come

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ReconnectNZ Creative Studio

Chrysoprase & Sterling Silver Bracelet


This stunning bespoke bracelet is made with a chrysoprase stone set in sterling silver.  It is one of a kind to be worn as a statement piece for those with an affinity to the ocean.

As a creative I am drawn to the layers and inner depths of the ocean as a metaphor for how we can appear one way on the surface, however, underneath there are depths to us that not everyone sees.  This piece, along with the necklace and ring, has hidden depth if you look carefully.  There is a fish cut into the back of the sterling silver plate that you can just see a glimpse of when the light hits the stone in a certain way.

The chrysoprase stone has the look of a deep rock pool with seaweed floating in the ebb and flow of the water.  chrysoprase is known to reduce claustrophobia, support communication & adaptability as well as provide balance & stability.  It is worn to help with detoxification and clear the body of poisons. 

See the necklace and ring in the shop.

All my Jewellery is handcrafted in my studio.

This is where we will put a little introduction into materials/skills/points of difference

Art Collection

Part of my creative journey is to create paintings that speak to me of the sea, water and the energy they give

I have been painting and drawing for most of my life.  It is my way of expressing my inner thoughts, what makes my soul sing, and a way of connecting to my inner child.

If you would like a painting that speaks to you and represents your life story, I am happy to work with you to create that.

Email me at or, if in NZ, ring 0212255199

You can also connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, links at top right of page.

Chrysoprase & Sterling Silver Bracelet