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The Importance of Creativity

The importance of creativity


‘Oh gosh, I’m not creative’, ‘I don’t have a creative bone in my body’, ‘I’m no good at drawing’.

How many times do you say this to yourself? In having this as your internal dialogue, do you know how much you are limiting your potential?

Creativity is something we are all innately born with.  It comes from our right brain thinking, it is the birthplace of innovation, it is how we think outside the box or differently about things.  The world needs us to think more creatively, to think more laterally, to consider other ways of addressing the challenges we are facing, as a world, country, community, neighbourhood, family and individuals.

Albert Einstein once said “you cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

It takes us all to think differently to make a real change not just in our personal lives, also in facing the challenges the world has at the moment.  While we may have a lot of information and knowledge in our field, how do we look beyond this and be the change required.  Again looking back at Albert Einstein – he believed that imagination is more important then knowledge, that knowledge is limited – yet imagination encircles the world.  How does that apply to us?  While we maybe knowledgeable in our area – what are we doing to progress the thinking, the way we are doing things, for the benefit of your sector and the world?  Engaging with your creative side helps us to engage with our imagination and look beyond what is - to what could be.

This is why creativity is important.  We must engage in creativity to be able to change our way of thinking a be more innovative in solving the challenges we face. To become a leader in our field and push the limitations that exist.

So – how do we engage with our right brain – the side of creativity and innovation?  There are some small exercises we can do before spending time problem solving, strategically thinking, or looking at things differently.  These exercises are about letting go of our creative barriers and playing with colour, line and form.

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