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What Inspires

Often I get asked - What inspires you to create.  That is such a huge question, so I will try and do it justice in this blog.

Inspiration comes from many places, it is about keeping your eye and mind open to seeing - and I mean really seeing.  Looking at something and allowing the mind to make connections.

The reason I chose ReconnectNZ as a business name is to remind me to reconnect to my true self - all the memories (good and bad) what makes me happy and reconnects me to my passions.

The shells in the photo really captured my imagination.  The textures, colours and how they have been shaped by the sea, sand and wind.

They spoke to me of the delicacy of a shell, yet the strength to have lasted as long as they have.  How they have weathered and taken on different shapes and colours as well as the way they have been pitted.  

All of us have been weathered by life.  We all have taken on the shape of our experiences - the good and the bad.  Yet there is a strength in what we have become.  A strength born from living, experiencing, feeling and being.  I try to find that strength in gentleness and vulnerability - in being who I truly am and embracing that whole heartedly  

This inspires me in creating my jewellery and how to bring that delicacy and vulnerability into each piece.  To show that delicacy and vulnerability does not mean weakness that strength can be found without harshness.

I hope you find that strength through your life experiences and are able to reconnect to what matters to you.  I hope you find what makes your soul sing and have the strength to embrace it in your life.



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